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The automatic analysis comes at the expense of precise control, but the software rarely failed to produce meaningful results, and its speed was a real asset. These settings looked very different when applied to the 4-megapixel DNGs compared to the much higher-resolution originals. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. Adobe Lightroom 5 review - Still the best photo organiser Photo editing. Image 1 of 7. Our Rating. Price when reviewed. Page 1 of 2 Adobe Lightroom 5 review - Still the best photo organiser 1. Adobe Lightroom 5 review - Still the best photo organiser 2.

Lightroom Mobile, slideshows, conclusion and specifications. No problem Ellen! Yep, Amazon and Adobe both still sell standalone Lightroom 6, and Adobe still sells the standalone Lightroom 6 upgrade as well :. Thank you for your patience. I shall get on to Adobe Help If I can and see what they suggest. Thanks again! Hi, Options.

Sounds like PC version? What did you actually download? Hi again! Have bought an upgrade from 5 to 6 which parked itself on desk top in Adobe file alongside Lt Rm 5.

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When I press open ,There is a bunch of options, none of which opens up anything recognisable. I expected a hassle and I was right. Any ideas Owen? Either way, I hope you overcome your LR6 problems! Barrie Wyld Thank you for your reply. I shall give it a try with renewed confidence! My idea sounds like asking for more trouble than an upgrade.

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Can I upgrade directly to Standalone Lightroom 6, or do I need to buy one of the in-between versions first? I believe you can upgrade from any version so long as you have a valid licence number for your existing version but if you click through to the Adobe page and find the upgrade, you can see for yourself :. Hi Owen I already have Lt. Looks to be a hassle to upgrade.

What would happen if I just bought a stand alone version 6 and loaded it as a newcomer to Lightroom? I had been clicking the title of the Lightroom product instead and going to the page that only allowed me to get CC. Given how Adobe is hiding the standalone Lightroom 6, I have a feeling there might never be a standalone LR 7…. Hi, Owen, Thanks a bunch for the wonderful tip.

Adobe Makes It Difficult to Get Lightroom 6

Struggled months ago trying to upgrade and I finally gave up. Thank heavens I came across your site. Great site you have, too. I want to upgrade from LR 5 on my Mac. I can see that Amazon sell the standalone, presumably on a disc, for a little less than that Adobe price.

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Great work. All very helpful Owen. To recap: I can purchase LR 6 upgrade from 5. X from Adobe. Install it. Go to updates and download 6. No where can I find mention of 6. I use a Sony a which required 6. Thanks for your help.

LogicKeyboard Adobe Lightroom 5 Apple Advance Line (EN)

Much obliged. I think that you have been misinformed! Only ever paid for 5. I too downloaded Lightroom 5.

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No mention on their site about bit only. I did take a moment to go to Amazon.

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I have bought a standalone version of Lightroom 6 which I have been using since September It is version 6. I am wanting to update to version 6. How can I update to the latest version? Is this possible? Thanks for the reply. I have already done that and it says my system is up to date.

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However Lightroom still says it is version 6. Perhaps that is because it is the standalone version? I have the standalone version of 6. Where did you get the standalone version from? What is in the student version? Or is it just a discount? The product was the same. Today, I purchased the LR6 standalone upgrade from v5.

I had to sign in to my Adobe account to run the installer, after which it installed OK, requesting my new and old serial numbers.